Twelfth Night ’18

Art by The Monster Ghost

Twelfth Night rides again!

You can come see us this January 10th and 17th at the Atlantic Bar & Grill, 5062 N Lincoln Ave. $5 at the door.

Stick around for the announcement of our 2018 season immediately after each show!

“Now comes the trout that must be caught with tickling.”

Photos from Coriolanus are up!

Our closing show of 2017 is now archived on our Photo pages. Check out the full spread here!

Coriolanus at the Public House Theater

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We close our seventh season with Coriolanus, the Roman tragedy that pits elitism against ignorance. Hero of the patricians and blight to the plebeians, Caius Martius has been instrumental in Rome’s military victories, particularly those with the Volsces and their commander, the tremendous warrior Auffidius. But when Martius is rewarded for his latest victory with a new honor, he soon discovers that power comes with a price; a price he is unwilling to pay. With petty, gossiping commons and an insufferably elitist lead, it’s hard to say who the hero of this story is. But in true Unrehearsed style, the audience gets to make that decision for themselves: in the moment, moment to moment.

Oct 9 & 16, 7:30 (doors open at 7:00)
The Public House Theater
3914 N Clark St
$10 (at the door, or online here)

Richard II photos (July 18)

Photos are up from our first performance of Richard II. You can see more here.

Photos courtesy of the consistently incredible Indie Grant Productions.

Measure For Measure: 2nd Night Photos

New photos are up from our last night of Measure For Measure!
“Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall.”

Happenstance moved us into a new venue for our closing show, but this proved quite a benefit for photos.

The rest of the photos here.

Richard II

Richard II Unrehearsed is coming to Chicago July 18 and 25.

This story of a petulant ruler being forcibly ousted from power resonates strongly with our current climate. Richard finds his humanity only when all is lost.

Featuring the longest sentence in the Shakespearean canon, a hilarious sequence involving gloves, non-violent regime-change, and the famous dungeon speech, Richard II shows us that even a narcissistic despot can find redemption, but only with sacrifice.


New Photos: Measure For Measure

New photos are up from our first night of Measure For Measure!
“Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall.”

The rest of the photos here.

Measure For Measure in Chicago!

Unrehearsed Classes Return!

Come learn to experience Verse in a dynamic new way (that is actually a dynamic old way). Unrehearsed Shakespeare is a text-based technique inspired by Patrick Tucker’s ‘Secrets of Acting Shakespeare,’ which enables actors to effectively and organically stage Elizabethan plays without conventional direction. The technique teaches teamwork, active listening, improvisation, commitment, and above all a strong investment in the text.

All classes take place at Pendulum Theater space, 1803 W Byron Street, #216

COST: $10 per student. Due upon arrival to the first class. Classes are free for all active Unrehearsed performers.

Please contact Jared McDaris or to reserve a spot.

FEB 26 (Sun) 11am – 2pm: INTRO. Learn by doing. Dive into the basictenets of the technique with your fellow new-comers.

FEB 27 (MON) 7pm – 10pm: STORY-TELLING. A focus on teamwork, listening, and especially following direction for your scene partners.

MAR 5 (SUN) 11am – 2pm: MONOLOGS. A focus on stamina, actor agency and independence, and learning personal feedback and performance evaluation.

MAR 6 (MON) 7pm – 10pm: REUP. Perform full scenes from various plays. Our final night is a recreation of the ReUps that trained performers use as warmups before actual performances.

2017 Season

APRIL: Measure For Measure. Unrehearsed presents the classic “problem play,” whose commentary on sexual harassment, assault, and human agency seems remarkably more relevant today than when it was written.

JULY: Richard II. Shakespeare’s classic history of a weak, thin-skinned monarch teaches us about empathy, power, and pragmatism’s dominion over emotion.

OCTOBER: Coriolanus: We close our fifth season in Chicago with Coriolanus, the Roman tragedy that pits elitism against ignorance.