A Thousand Times Goodnight (Chicago Premier)

Venue: The Right Brain Project Theatre

Costumes: Delena Bradley
Lights & Masks: Benjamin Dionysus
Music: Trevor Watkin
Choreography: Lily Jean
Fight DirectorZack Meyer
PhotosiNDie Grant Productions

A Thousand Times Goodnight was our first (and possibly only) conventional production. The script and staging utilized some aspects of Unrehearsed, most notably the lack of 4th Wall.

We had an awesome time!! Brava/Bravo to all the actors, playwright, and production team! I love seeing theatre that leaves you energized at the end.” – Emily Brantz (Audience member)

Such a great show! Laughed a lot, booed, cheered, hissed, clapped, all sorts of good feels.” – Peter Hammer (Audience member)