Are you interested in bringing Unrehearsed Shakespeare to your school or theatre? Though we are currently based in Chicago, the minimalist nature of Unrehearsed Shakespeare makes it an extremely mobile enterprise. We can bring shows to your venue with ease, but more often we are asked to teach the technique at universities and regional theaters.

A typical workshop involves two to five classes, culminating in a performance of an Unrehearsed Shakespeare show, performed by the workshop students.

Our classes vary in subject, but every workshop includes:

1. Intro Class. A basic introduction to the technique, where students are taught the Rules of Unrehearsed Shakespeare by performing small monologs and scenes from Shakespeare’s works.

2. Text Sessions. One-on-one meetings between an instructor and student, where the instructor familiarizes the student with the language used in their assigned role, makes sure they know how to apply the Rules to each line, and checks the student’s Scroll for accuracy.

3. The ReUp. The day before a performance, students perform full scenes from plays other than the one being performed. These full scenes (sometimes as many as three in a row), will give students a taste of full performance conditions without ruining the surprises in store for them during the actual production. It will also prepare them for thinking on their feet in an environment where they will not know what other people onstage are going to do.

4. Performance. A full Unrehearsed production, performed by the students (sometimes including the instructors, depending on the number of performing students). Other than the experience level of performers, these productions are essentially identical to our Chicago productions or the larger Bard in the Barn festival shows.

If you would like to learn more about bringing Unrehearsed to your area, just contact us.

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