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Unrehearsed Classes Return!

Come learn to experience Verse in a dynamic new way (that is actually a dynamic old way). Unrehearsed Shakespeare is a text-based technique inspired by Patrick Tucker’s ‘Secrets of Acting Shakespeare,’ which enables actors to effectively and organically stage Elizabethan plays without conventional direction. The technique teaches teamwork, active listening, improvisation, commitment, and above all a strong investment in the text.

All classes take place at Pendulum Theater space, 1803 W Byron Street, #216

COST: $10 per student. Due upon arrival to the first class. Classes are free for all active Unrehearsed performers.

Please contact Jared McDaris or to reserve a spot.

FEB 26 (Sun) 11am – 2pm: INTRO. Learn by doing. Dive into the basictenets of the technique with your fellow new-comers.

FEB 27 (MON) 7pm – 10pm: STORY-TELLING. A focus on teamwork, listening, and especially following direction for your scene partners.

MAR 5 (SUN) 11am – 2pm: MONOLOGS. A focus on stamina, actor agency and independence, and learning personal feedback and performance evaluation.

MAR 6 (MON) 7pm – 10pm: REUP. Perform full scenes from various plays. Our final night is a recreation of the ReUps that trained performers use as warmups before actual performances.

Workshops Are Returning!

Jessie Mutz as Buckingham in Richard III, 2015

Jessie Mutz as Buckingham in Richard III, 2015

Unrehearsed Shakespeare is looking to schedule new-performer classes for late May and early June. If you’d like to receive more information, please send your email address to or, to be added to our class contact list.



TEXT WORK: Turn poetic language into immediate action and tangible relationships, independent of traditional rehearsal.



TEAMWORK: Storytelling, in a very literal sense, focuses on group interaction, improvisational impulses, and environmental awareness.



TOTAL WORKOUT: Unrehearsed Shakespeare is physically dynamic and intensely committed in ways that few other performance techniques are. Use some of the greatest phrases ever written to help leave your dramatic inhibitions behind you.


The Tempest, 2015

The Tempest, 2015

Twelfth Night, 2013

Twelfth Night, 2013


As You Like It, 2016

A New Workshop is Coming Soon


Unrehearsed Shakespeare is holding another workshop for new students. In addition to the basics of the Unrehearsed technique, we also hope to cover Storytelling, picking up cues, performance stamina, partnering, and basic physical and vocal concerns. The classes will culminate in a mock-ReUp, where we perform various scenes using the technique.
Those who complete this workshop will be entered into our actor roster, and will be considered for casting in future shows.

Oct 6, 7, 13, & 14
7pm – 9pm

If you’re interested in learning the technique, please email Alexandra Boroff (Managing Director) at, or Jared McDaris (Artistic Director) at

Unrehearsed Workshops finally return to Chicago

Contact for more info

Contact for more info

At last! This July, the Unrehearsed Shakespeare Company will be offering workshops for new students. Focusing on the Basics, Partnering, Physicality, Storytelling, and preparation, this series will even offer a Masters Class where experienced vets will share with newcomers (and each other) their unique approaches to performing the technique.

Approach Shakespeare with a sense of fun, focus, teamwork, and discovery! For years, the Unrehearsed Technique has been helping actors learn to derive clear motivation and tactics from their text, build dynamically meaningful relationships quickly, react honestly to the unexpected, tell an immediately recognizable story to the audience, and leave their inhibitions at the door.

If you wish to be added to our list of potential students, please contact with your contact information.