Boars Galore: Deanne McDonald

Winter may be gone (kinda), but the Winter of our Discontent is coming soon!

DEANNE MCDONALD first performed with us in Much Ado About Nothing as the obsequious Conrade.

RICHARD III is coming this July. In celebration of his recent disinterment (and re-interment), we wanted to know:

1. Where would you like to be buried and subsequently dug up in 500 years?
DEANNE: Under Union Station–much classier than a parking lot.

2. What would you do for the Crown? (no murdered relatives)
DEANNE: Awww man, I just picture one of those terrible reality tv competitions and I would NOT do any of that. I’d be willing to do something scary as long as it were over quickly. Bungee jump! Although I bet once I tried it, I’d find it more fun than scary 😉

3. If you were locked up in the Tower of London, who would you want to be locked up with you?
DEANNE: I’d be sappy and say my fiance, Pete. He’s a sweetheart.

As long as you’re not a Corgi enthusiast, we guarantee you’ll love Kaelea’s upcoming performance!

RICHARD III, Unrehearsed
July 7 & 14
@ Black Rock Pub
$5 at the Door


The End is writ, the Way is not!”


Author: Jared