Alexandra Boroff Flees into the Forest of Arden

tree pictureAlex Boroff is the Managing Director of The Unrehearsed Shakespeare Company. She joined the company in 2012 playing (fittingly) Phoebe in As You Like It. She now returns to the Forest of Arden tonight at Uncommon Ground.

Alex will be stage managing Annie Jr. in Tinley Park with E.D.G.E. Theatre and Down in the Southland, a production featuring typical functioning kids and kids with Down Syndrome. For tickets, email Alex at

Q: If you were banished by your dukely uncle, where in the world would you flee?
ALEX: I would be banished to the mansion that Richie Rich lived in. I was always really jealous of his basketball hoop in his room.

Q: What is your most recent journey?
ALEX: I went home to Massachusetts for a week at Christmas. I WILL be going to Virginia and Mexico this year for some friends’ weddings!

Q: If you were banished to the Forest of Arden, what three things would you take with you?

1. Iphone with a solar charger
2. Water
3. A good bra. I hate it when it’s not well made and the underwire pokes you. If that had to be forever? I’d just end it all.
Q: There are lots of people in the Forest of Arden: Lovers, Wrestlers, Shepherds, Nobles, Clowns, Cross-dressers, and Real Estate Enthusiasts. How would you fit in? Which of these would you be?
ALEX: My first instinct is to go the Noble route (heh…heh…puns), but being a Noble in a Forest would not be fun. I’d rather be a Noble in a castle. Cross dressing would be fine for me because I’m sure the men in the forest of Arden wear more comfortable clothes, but I’d rather wear a skirt so it’s not so hot. I don’t like wrestling, shepherding, clowning, or real estate…..Lover. Let’s go with that. Rawr.

Rawr it on up with Alex!

April 19th & 26th
Uncommon Ground
1401 W Devon Ave
Doors open at 7:00, show starts at 7:30

Author: Jared