Coriolanus at the Public House Theater

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We close our seventh season with Coriolanus, the Roman tragedy that pits elitism against ignorance. Hero of the patricians and blight to the plebeians, Caius Martius has been instrumental in Rome’s military victories, particularly those with the Volsces and their commander, the tremendous warrior Auffidius. But when Martius is rewarded for his latest victory with a new honor, he soon discovers that power comes with a price; a price he is unwilling to pay. With petty, gossiping commons and an insufferably elitist lead, it’s hard to say who the hero of this story is. But in true Unrehearsed style, the audience gets to make that decision for themselves: in the moment, moment to moment.

Oct 9 & 16, 7:30 (doors open at 7:00)
The Public House Theater
3914 N Clark St
$10 (at the door, or online here)

Author: Jared