Eyes on Actors: Colin Wasmund

An alum of Western Illinois University, Colin Wasmund starred in Bard in the Barn’s very first show: A Winter’s Tale. He was an Unrehearsed fixture all three years of grad school, and participates in Chicago shows when he finds time in his professional stage schedule.

Q: Tell us about your first Unrehearsed experience.

COLIN: My first year in graduate school at Western Illinois was the first year that Bill Kincaid launched “Bard in the Barn,” which was Unrehearsed Shakespeare performed in front of one of the historic barns outside of Macomb. We (my class) spent the first part of our first acting grad class (Score) with Bill learning how to execute the unrehearsed technique. I was cast as Leontes in The Winter’s Tale. I was terrified. It was extremely difficult and even more rewarding.

Q: You’re performing in Double Falsehood. Is it safe to say this is the first play you know nothing about, or have you done other Unrehearsed shows about which you know little? Does this change your approach much, knowing the play beforehand?

COLIN: I was unfamiliar with The Winter’s Tale when I did that one, which came with a pretty big surprise at the end for my character. I try not to let knowledge of the play affect my performance. It’s important to me to stay true to the technique and try not to let my decisions about the character affect the portrayal. The whole point is to let the technique do that.

Q: One of the defining traits of Unrehearsed is the lack of the 4th Wall. How does that affect you? Is it a challenge, or is it more liberating?

COLIN: Certainly more liberating. I love engaging the audience whenever I am allowed to do so.

Q: For you, how does Unrehearsed relate to more conventional productions? Is there any overlap, or are they entirely different animals?

COLIN: It helps me flag certain things when I do other Shakespeare plays. When doing a “conventional” Shakespeare play, I find that you can start by using the technique of Unrehearsed and then find the places where you need to say “Okay – this is a different world, I’d better ease up a bit.”

Unrehearsed seems like the root of all Shakespeare performance. It’s a great starting point during any Shakespeare rehearsal process.

Q: Do you have a favorite Unrehearsed character/performance?

COLIN: I think Leontes takes the cake for me. There’s nothing quite like your first time… *wink*

Are you yearning for a Wasmund Wink? Come on down to our Double Feature!

Comedy of Errors: 7:30pm
3358 N Southport Ave

Comedy of Errors: 7:00pm
Double Falsehood: 8:30pm
Mrs. Murphy & Sons Irish Bistro
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Double Falsehood: 7:30pm
3358 N Southport Ave

Author: Jared