Jessie Mutz

Jessie Mutz as Buckingham in Richard III

Jessie joined the Unrehearsed Shakespeare Company in 2011 with Shrewthello. She served as PR Director until 2013, when she became Managing Director. In 2014, she left to pursue a graduate degree in Florida and is currently an emeritus.


Hamlet – Hamlet
Richard III
– Buckingham
Romeo & Juliet
 – Juliet
Julius Caesar
– Julius Caesar
Twelfth Night on Twelfth Night – Sir Andrew Aguecheek
MacBeth – Lady MacBeth
Merry Wives of Windsor (w/ TheaterRED) – Host of the Garter / Anne Page
King Saul Part I (Staged Reading) – Michal
Midsummer Night’s Dream – Hippolyta (Manager)
A Thousand Times Goodnight (Staged Reading) – Dinyzade
Much Ado About Nothing – Beatrice (Manager)
Twelfth Night – Viola (Manager)
Twelfth Night on Twelfth Night (w/ TheaterRED) – Viola (Manager)
Bard in the Bandshell: The Hour of Errors (w/ TheaterRED) – Antiopholus of Syracuse
As You Like It (w/ Bard in the Barn) – Rosalind
Bard on the Boat: The Hour of Errors (w/ The Tall Ship Windy) – Luciana
Shakespeare, I Love You: Pericles – Cerimon/Thaisa
Othello – Bianca
Taming of the Shrew – Curtis


Timon of Athens – Flaminus
King John – French Herald, et al

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