Jared McDaris (Artistic Director)

McDaris as Hamlet, with Christopher Elst as Claudius

(www.jaredmcdaris.com) Jared first began his Unrehearsed journey in 2008, playing an obnoxious lawyer in Bard in the Barn’s production of Volpone. He became a perennial player and sometime director of Bard shows, and helped found the Unrehearsed Shakespeare Company in 2009. He recently created We Three to stage more conventional shows, but has no plans to leave Unrehearsed anytime soon. He also handles this webpage, so any good things you read about him should be taken well salted.


Julius Caesar – Director
Timon of Athens
 – Director
Comedy of Errors – Aegeon
Act 5 Fest! Romeo & Juliet
– Director (Act 2), Coordinator
Twelfth Night ’19
– Feste (Dir.)
Romeo & Juliet
– Director
King John
– Austria (Dir.)
Two Gentlemen of Verona
– Director
Twelfth Night ’18
– Director
– Director (U/S 2nd Citizen)
Richard II
– York (Dir.)
Measure For Measure
 – Director
Twelfth Night ’17
 – Director (U/S Malvolio)
King Lear
 – Edgar (Dir.)
Comedy of Errors (Elgin, IL)
– Goldsmith (Dir.)
– Hamlet
As You Like It
– Jaques
Twelfth Night on Twelfth Night ’16
– Director
The Tempest
– Director
Richard III
– Director
Titus Andronicus – Saturninus
Twelfth Night on Twelfth Night ’15
– Director (U/S Sir Andrew)
Henry V
– Fluellen/Ely
Double Falsehood
 – Henriquez
Comedy of Errors
– Antipholus of Syracuse
Romeo & Juliet
– Mercutio
Julius Caesar
 – Director
Twelfth Night on Twelfth Night ’14 – Director
MacBeth – Duncan/Porter/Third Murderer/Cathnes
Merry Wives of Windsor (w/ TheaterRED) – Doctor Caius (Dir.)
Midsummer Night’s Dream – Bottom
Two Gentlemen of Verona (w/ TheaterRED) – Proteus (Dir.)
Much Ado About Nothing – Director
Twelfth Night – Feste (Dir.)
Twelfth Night on Twelfth Night (w/ TheaterRED) – Feste (Dir.)
Bard in the Bandshell: The Hour of Errors (w/ TheaterRED) – Director
Antony & Cleopatra (w/ Bard in the Barn) – Agrippa (Dir.)
As You Like It (w/ Bard in the Barn) – Jaques
Bard on the Boat: The Hour of Errors (w/ The Tall Ship Windy) – Dromio of Syracuse (Dir.)
Shakespeare, I Love You: Pericles (w/ Blunt Objects) – Gower
Othello – Clown (Dir.)
Taming of the Shrew – Hortensio (Dir.)
The Tempest – Antonio (Dir.)
Much Ado About Nothing – Dogberry (Dir.)
Hamlet – Hamlet
Midsummer Night’s Dream – Director
Merchant of Venice – Aragon (Dir.)
MacBeth Remount – Director
MacBeth (Debut) – Banquo (Dir.)


Timon of Athens – Apemantus
King John – John
Merry Wives of Windsor – U/S Host of the Garter (Dir.)
Troilus & Cressida – Thersites
Two Gentlemen of Verona – Director
King Lear – Lear
Volpone – Voltore


Midsummer Night’s Dream (Soulstice Theatre) – Asst. Director
Midsummer Night’s Dream (Muskingum College)
 – Bottom (Asst. Dir.)
MacBeth (Eureka College) – Director
Coriolanus (Eureka College) – Asst. Director
Henry V (Eureka College) – Fluellen

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