Eyes on Actors: Erin Caswell

Our first night of Two Gents is *exactly* a fortnight away!

Let’s meet the undeniably cool Erin Caswell Brutscher, who gave us a tickling turn as Constable Elbow in last year’s Unrehearsed Measure for Measure:

Q: What can the audience expect from an Unrehearsed production of Two Gentlemen of Verona?
ERIN: Lots of creativity in movement, stage pictures, and unexpected audience participation

Q: “What’s your favorite show from last season? Why?”
ERIN: Measure for Measure. It was a work of Shakespeare’s I had never read or seen

Q: You and your BBF are going on an all-expenses paid trip! Where do you go?
ERIN: Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

Q: Love makes…?
ERIN: Everything better!

Q: What’s next for you?
ERIN: More stage combat and voice lessons!

What role is Erin playing? Come see her performance on April 17th to find out!

  • Kaelea Rovinsky, Assistant Director

Author: Jared